The Darkest Night of the Century on 15th June, 2011 | Lunar Eclipse

June 16, 2011Activities Standard

The LENGTHIEST lunar eclipse or DARKEST night of the century from 15th June, 2011 11:50PM to 16th June, 2011 02:32am(IST)(Not very sure about the time, please excuse me; I’ve waited till 2:35am). I could capture the eclipse from the beginning till Greatest Lunar 🙂 Luckily it was not a cloudy night on the same day in Mangalore(till Greatest Lunar); may be to witness ma first Lunar Eclipse with ma Angel…

Ma camera has 100mm focal length lens with 4X digital zoom. Unfortunately, I could not arrange a tripod. When it was Greatest Eclipse, I could not even see the moon 🙁 I was not knowing whether the sky was cloudy or not. I was really worried about ma clicks after Greatest Eclipse! Or the moon gone away after that??

Nooooo………………… no more worries……………….. its slightly visible nowwwwww…….  oh sad…. its cloudy now….. drizzling too?? x-( 🙁 :'(

I feel happy that I could click the P1, U1, U2 and Greatest Eclipse stages in ma first Lunar Eclipse. Also feel bad that I could not capture the U3, U4 and P2 stages of Eclipse of the Century!

See the other photos of the eclipse, please click CONTINUE READING!

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